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We offer a wide variety of products, tailored to suit your needs.


Exotic hand crafted cannabis genetics made in small batches that is Pesticide free, hand trimmed and perfectly cured.


One gram 100% premium flower King Size cone joints.

Infused Pre-Rolls

Our infused pre-rolls consist of 0.8 grams flower and 0.2 gams of crumble wax blended together inside our king size joint cones.


Our hashtroids are made up of 0.5 g premium flower . Then coated with 0.25 g of high terpene extract (HTE) and last dipped & rolled 0.25 keif.

Similar to our hashtroids these joints are coated with High Terpene Extract (HTE) on the outside then rolled in keif. Consists of 0.5 gram flower, 0.25 g (HTE), and 0.25 g keif

Doja Craft Cannabis

DOJA is our sister brand that we have limited stock on but is our same incredible premium cannabis just the smaller buds that do not meet Cloud 9 bud protocol for glass jar appearance. New strain testing is also launched occasionally thru our DOJA as well for only the best of the best make it in our Cloud 9 packaging.


Premium Concentrates
  • Rosin
  • Six Star
  • THCA Isolate
  • Live Resin
  • Diamonds
  • Terp Sugar

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